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Joyful Christmas Digital Kit

Joyful Christmas Digital Kit - 1597
Joyful Christmas Digital Kit - 1597
Joyful Christmas Digital Kit - 1597
Joyful Christmas Digital Kit - 1597
Price: $6.61

    Nowhere else will you have the opportunity to experience the luxury of richly textured traditional monthly collections like ours after they have been amazingly crafted into a digital format.
    Created by the same team that brings you our famous traditional paper kits.Kit Ingredients:
    6 Digital Backgrounds
    Graphic Stamp images used in designing the paper and digital lines- including phrases. (around 15)
    Variety of Fibers, Metals, Organic and other Embellishments
    Digital Alphabet
    3 Quick Drop Digital Layouts
    Designer built complete components. Make any fast Layout look like you spent hours!
    Our Graphics:
    Industry standard 300ppi resolution
    Full sized by the inch (backgrounds are 12x12 inches)
    Kits include JPG and PNG files
    Hybrid products/printables include .pdf files

    Your Software:
    A program that works with layers, JPG and PNG file types
    Files able to be saved as a flattened JPG file. (enables import of our files)
    We recommend Adobe's Photoshop Elements (tutorials geared to this program)
    GIMP is a free alternative program that can also be used

    Please download files within 7 days of purchase.
    Inspect your download and create back-up files.
    Defective files will be replaced within 25 days of purchase.
    File availability after 25 days is not guaranteed.
    All files are copyright protected for personal use only. Please view the Terms of Use (TOU) file accompanying your purchase for more details.

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